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Communication Studies: Getting Started

This research guide features library and online resources for speech communication courses at DVC and SRC.

About This Guide

     Welcome to the DVC Library subject guide for Communication Studies aka speech. This guide helps you find information on finding topics for your speeches, preparing and delivering speeches, and looking to past speeches for inspiration. Please use the tabs at the top or the contents on the left to navigate.

     If you have a question, please use the "Ask a Librarian" box on the bottom right, or use the "Need Help?" tab above.


Encyclopedias are a great place to get bite-sized articles and overviews of all kinds of topics, which make them an excellent source to look at when you are preparing a speech.

Books / eBooks

Books and eBooks will take you on a deep dive into a broader topic. You can get background, history, context, and multiple perspectives. You can search for books and eBooks in the library's catalog.


Articles are a good if you need very specific or very recent information on a topic. You can search for articles in the databases that the library subscribes to.

Web Searching

Web resources can be a good place to start learning about a topic, but often it can take a lot of work to identify if a website is a good source or not.

Speech Videos

Speech videos features a selection of famous speeches by notable people from history as well as videos that will show you tips on making a great speech.


Writing & Citing

Citations are how you indicate to your readers what in your paper is your ideas and what are the ideas of others. Plus they're a required part of many college assignments like speeches.


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