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ENGL 122 - Coito: The Assignment

This research guide is designed to help Prof. Coito's ENGL 122 class with their synthesis essay.

Synthesis Essay- Assignment Summary

This will be a 1,500-2,000 word synthesis essay about a topic that interests you. You will research the conversation society is having on your topic and relate it to a central thesis (or perspective) which addresses an essential question about your topic. You will find some sources on a topic that interests you and “enter into the conversation.”

Step 1- Pick a Topic & Develop a Research Question

• Topic should be in the news/timely.

• Topic should interest YOU.

• Come up with a research question about your topic.

Step 2- Find Three Library Texts

• A columnist’s take on the issue

• An editorial

• A letter to the editor

• A blog entry from an expert

• A scholarly journal/essay written by an expert on the topic

Step 3- Find an Image

• A graph, chart or infographic

• A political cartoon

• A photograph

• An image of a work of art

• A screenshot from a documentary/film

Step 4- Interview Two People

• Interview subjects must be associated with your topic.

• Make sure to capture direct quotes.