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Art and Digital Media: Getting Started

Welcome to the Art and Digital Media Research Guide!

This guide is intended for students who are doing research in art and digital media,
either for classroom assignments, research papers, or exploring a career in art and digital media.


Encyclopedias are a great place to start your research. You can get background information to learn more about your topic so you can search smarter, not harder.

Books / eBooks

Books and eBooks will take you on a deep dive into a broader topic. You can get background, history, context, and multiple perspectives. You can search for books and eBooks in the library's catalog.

Web Searching

Web searching can be a good place to start learning about a topic, but often it can take a lot of work to identify if a website is a good source or not.


Articles are a good if you need very specific or more recent information on a topic. You can search for articles in the databases that the library subscribes to.


Citations are how you indicate to your readers what in your paper is your ideas and what are the ideas of others. Plus they're a required part of writing a research paper.


Careers in Art & Digital Media

Exploring a career in arts & digital media? Take a look at this page to find career-oriented resources for arts & digital media.


Image Research

Take the guesswork out of image research by using the high-quality image resources available through the DVC library. Includes ArtSTOR.


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