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Use this guide to get started with NoodleTools

Create a Citation

1. Once you have created a project, select Sources in the navigation bar at the top of the page. 

image of navigation bar with Sources highlighted


2. Select + Create new citation.

Image with an arrow pointing at green "+ create new citation" button.


3. Answer Where is it? Question.

screen capture of "Where is it?" question with choices: database, website, print or in-hand, etc.

4. Answer What is it? Question. The most frequently used source types are in the first column. 


image of source type dropdown menu

5. Confirm that citation type is correct, and fill in web form with information about your source. If you are citing a book, you can copy and paste ISBN number from DVC catalog, and NoodleTools will pre-fill citation.

screen capture of print book web form, added text "Check that these are correct. You can use dropdown menus to change citations here." with arrows point to dropdown menus - Citing and From - at top of page. Also, added text, "Add ISBN here to have book citation information added to form" with arrow pointing to Import: ISBN field.

** You can find ISBN number in library catalog record.

image of library record with ISBN numbers highlighted

Need More Help?

If you need more help with citations, visit the Sources and Citations section of the NoodleTools support page.