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OneSearch: Home


  • novice user: OneSearch
  • knowledgeable user: database search
  • serendipitous discovery
  • research as inquiry: a non-linear path


  • Circ desk interactions
  • Reference interactions
  • Databases outside of OneSearch
  • Noodletools
  • Assessment

Interactive Activities

  • Group "wikis" (Google docs, Etherpad)
  • scavenger hunts (worksheets, Google doc, etc) 
  • shared Ebsco --> shared Noodletools 
  • Plickers
  • Canvas discussion boards
  • LibGuide discussion boards

OneSearch: What is it?

OneSearch is a discovery tool that simultaneously searches across databases and materials in the library catalog. Results provide researchers, new and experienced, with a holistic picture of available resources. 

  1. Search once to find all different kinds of materials.

  2. Start with a simple keyword search and then refine your results with multi-faceted filters.

  3. Save and share items or searches in a personal Folder.

Workshops: Motivational Context


Audience Guiding Considerations Activity Resources Bells & Whistles... 

General orientation - athletes

future unknown research assignments and needs

impacted schedule

mobile - on the go

new to academic research

Immediacy as key.

Jump in. Guide the work.

Pair/group work

Select research question to investigate

Create group "wiki" as class reference guide


Athlete Libguide 

(not a perfect example, but hits some good marks)

Google docs /

Etherpad /

Canvas DB 

Reading Apprenticeship

Netflix philosophy



Ebsco account / searching via mobile

Research starters           

Sources: by purpose

Subj terms: quick & dirty

  • expert vocabulary
  • areas of research

Peer reviewed limit

E-book search function

Argumentative paper/speech (open topic)  

Minimal specific discipline knowledge

Topics undecided or broad

New to academic research


Assignment driven.

Timed search goals.

  • Locate n# sources in n# minutes.
  • Save in Ebsco account.

Optional: LibGuide

Reading Apprenticeship

Netflix philosophy

Ebsco account

Research starters

Sources: by purpose

Subj terms: quick & dirty

  • expert vocabulary
  • areas of research

Peer reviewed limit

E-book search function

Advanced subject orientation - Pysch

Advanced subject knowledge

Experienced academic researchers


Assignment driven.

Timed goals.

Locate n# sources in n# minutes.

Save in Ebsco account.


Ebsco custom search boxes

Database links

Searching for empirical articles

How to read/scan scholarly articles


ESL workshop

Varying levels of English proficiency 

Higher % adult learners

New to academic research

-Scavenger hunt (pairs):

becoming familiar with library website -

hints include EDS/detailed record terminology.

-Assignment driven topic.

Reading Apprenticeship


Using subject terms to identify relevant vocabulary

Ebsco account

Research starters

Sources: by purpose