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About the Library

Faculty and Staff Directory

Name Position Phone & Email
Katherine Becvar Adjunct Librarian 925-969-2596

Emily Bergfeld

Adjunct Librarian


Amelie Brown

Adjunct Librarian, Instruction and Reference

Courtney Diputado Adjunct Librarian
Florence Espiritu Librarian, Assessment and Technical Services


Alicia Huntley Library Technician, Senior, Circulation 925-969-2589
Judy Flum Adjunct Librarian
Shellie Jacobson Adjunct Librarian
Katherine Jinter Administrative Assistant III 925-969-2588
Lynda Letona Librarian, Access Services and Emerging Technologies 925-969-2607
Daniel Kiely Department Chair 925-969-2583
Tamar Kirschner Adjunct Librarian, LT Program Coordinator 925-969-2598
Emily Moss Librarian, Instruction


Tatiana Pak Library Technician


Ricardo Ramirez-Castañeda Library Technician, Senior 925-969-2605
Richard Robison Dean of Library, Educational Technology, and Learning Support 925-969-2601
Betsy Ruszel Library Technician, Senior, Acquisitions 925-969-2604
Lindsey Shively Librarian, Reference Coordinator 925-969-2596