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ENGL 122 - Smyrl - Composition and Reading: Library Workshop

This guide includes resources for Smyrl's ENGL 122 course including those used during their library workshop.

Constructing Gender Argument Essay

Background: In this unit, we will explore theories about the social construction of gender and the formation of gender identity. We will read about society's expectations regarding gender, and we will share experiences from our own lives, and consider the implications of gendered characteristics in the world around us. In your essay, you will be considering gender theory more deeply by doing a close reading of a theoretical text and then determining whether or not you find the theory convincing.

Your Task: In this essay, you will apply a theory to other texts.

  • First, you will carefully analyze Aaron Devor's piece "Becoming Members of Society," unpacking the article in detail, and explaining what you see to be the primary points or claims of his theory.
  • You'll then need to select which of his claims seem most pertinent to you, thus distilling his theory down to a few key claims, and in your essay, you'll need to clearly explain each of them.
  • Next, you will need to hold his theory up to some other texts we've read (or will read), showing me how these texts either support Devor's claims or challenge them.

Workshop Information Sources

Twitter Thread by Tarana Burke

PodcastRebecca Traister on #MeToo, Female Rage, and Anita Hill

Journal article – It's Time to Recognize How Men's Careers Benefit from Sexually Harassing Women in Academia

News Article - How Christine Blasey Ford's Testimony Changed America

New York Times Op-Ed – Harvey Weinstein is My Monster Too

Workshop Tools

Constructing Authority Slides 

Constructing Authority Padlet - 11:10 AM

Constructing Authority Padlet - 2:30 PM