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Studio Ghibli Films

An overview of the films and their Studio

Studio Ghibli An Overview

Studio Ghibli mascot and their company name

Studio Ghibli

A Japanese company who have published works that have become well known not only in the Japanese culture but the American culture as well.

It was founded in June of 1985 in Tokyo Japan by:

The Orgin of their companies name is:

"The Ghibli is Italy language means "GHIBLI", Sahara desert blows hot air."

Or so is said in the Q&A on the official site.

One thing you will notice about a lot of the movie is the idea of planes and air travel. This is because of a World war II plane fascination from one of the founders.

A Note from the creator

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Hello and welcome. I just wanted to say hello and ask that you all enjoy your visit to my site. Please note that this is a website created for the interest in the movies created by the famous Japanese movie corporation: Studio Ghibli. And perhaps a few fun facts about the studio themselves. So please keep this in mind while browsing, and again, enjoy!

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