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Introduction to information about careers and steps to take in the job search process.

Welcome to the Careers Research Guide. This guide has a snapshot of the resources available at the DVC Library, so be sure to Ask a Librarian if you need more help.

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Books/eBooks will take you on a deep dive into a broader topic. You can get background, history, context, and multiple perspectives.

Articles are a good if you need very specific or very recent information on a topic. You can search for articles in the databases that the library subscribes to.

Websites can be a good place to start learning about a topic. Start with our list of selected websites to begin researching careers.

Self-Assessment is a good place to learn how your strengths and interests match up with particular career path.

Exploration & Evaluation helps you answer questions like "Which colleges have the best programs for my career of choice?" and  "What jobs will my major prepare me for?"

The Job Search has information about where to look for jobs as well as how to apply for jobs, create a resume and cover letter, and prepare for a job interview.