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Library Workshops

Library Instruction

Library Instruction sessions are designed to develop research strategies and techniques. While meeting students at an appropriate academic level, we emphasize critical thinking and evaluation skills which are designed to build information literacy competencies that lead to student success as they prepare to live and work in the complex and rapidly changing physical, social and cultural settings of our society. DVC librarians value innovation and collaboration in our information literacy instruction programming.

five towers of building blocks, starting with 1 and going up to 5 blocks per tower  What We Do

Instruction Librarians

  • Design and deliver assignment-specific instruction that assists students in developing strategies to
    • Generate, focus, and develop their research topics;
    • Develop appropriate search terms and strategies
    • Locate relevant background information on their research topics;
    • Locate relevant popular and scholarly sources;
    • Evaluate the appropriateness of information sources for their research; and
    • Develop citation skills in order to use information ethically.
  • Teach database search skills by integrating student-centered, active learning techniques in our wired classroom.
  • Collaborate with instructors to design effective research assignments that utilize library resources.
  • Develop a flexible, responsible, forward thinking approach to integrating Information Literacy within the curriculum.
  • Create and maintain research guides and tutorials in support of the curriculum.

graphic of one person at a blackboard with a pointer and two other people n the audience The Basics

Library workshops are customized to focus on course specific assignments and/or course objectives and are scheduled during regular class meeting times. To request Library Instruction please complete the Library Workshop Request Form.

Please remember:

  • To schedule your library workshop at least two weeks in advance of your preferred session date.
  • To allot an entire class period for the library workshop; this will give your students ample opportunity to find relevant sources on their own topics.
  • To introduce your students to their research assignment in advance of the library workshop.
  • To collaborate - prior to and during the workshop - with the instruction librarian in order to effectively address your students' needs.

You will be contacted by the assigned library instructor to verify the date and time of your library workshop and to discuss specific instruction needs, your assignment, and presentation details.

LOs for basic library instruction sessions [Coming Soon]

LOs for discipline specific library instruction session [Coming Soon]

graphic of a page with linesGuiding Documents

the shape of a question mark in orange  Questions

  • Pleasant Hill campus - contact Emily Moss at 925-969-2587
  • San Ramon campus - contact Amanda Choi at 925-973-3380