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ENGL 117- Leong - Names Essay

This research guide is designed to help Prof. Leong's ENGL 118 and ESL 117A students with their Names Essay project.

Welcome to the Names Essay Research Guide. It highlights specific resources useful for your assignment. Please sure to Ask a Librarian when you have further questions.

Find Books/e-Books
Use the DVC Library catalog to find information about your name.

Internet Resources
Find credible web sources to locate more information about names.

Find Articles
Search the DVC Library databases to find information about names.

Citing Sources
Learn how to cite your sources.


Essay 2 Instructions - Names Essay

Essay 2 Instructions - "Names" 

Write a literate and well-organized essay on your name. Be sure to develop the essay structure, have a complete thesis (level 3) and illustrate points with plenty of specific details, examples and explanations. Remember to employ the writing process: spend time brainstorming, outlining, planning, and proofreading. Typically, strong essays for this assignment are approximately 7-8 pages. This is a mini research paper that must contain at least 6 required sources.


What is the origin of your name? What does it mean? What, if any changes, did your name undergo if your ancestors came to the United States? What stories do you know about your name? What traditional or nicknames have been used in your family? Naming traditions? Why is a given/surname or names in our society and cultures significant? Or not?