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Understanding Your Muslim Co-worker

Customs, dietary prescriptions, and religious practices of a muslim in the work environment

The purpose of life for a muslim

The meaning for life of a Muslim is to worship god only. In Islam, it tells us that there is a hole placed by god in every single persons heart. This hole can only be filled by the love and remembrance of god. A person wont be able to find peace within themselves unless these 2 aspects are fulfilled. For example, no amount of wealth, fame or prestige will satisfy a person to obtain inner peace. Everlasting peace for a Muslim only exists in heaven. Therefore, true justice and everlasting peace will never exist in this world. With this concept in mind, a Muslim is told to face all challenges and difficulties with patience, gratitude, and a dependence on god to face these hardships.  Islam states that true success is obtained through having a relationship with god. Prayer is a Muslims direct link to god 

The essence of prayer in Islam

Why do Muslims pray 5 times a day?

Muslims pray five times a day in order to remember God, seek forgiveness, and seek guidance. These 5 daily prayers are mandatory and must be done on time. Islam states that this world is a distraction and what truly matters the most is prayer. The prayers are set throughout the day in order to "disengage oneself from worldly occupation and resort to prayer."(Ali, pg 4)Before prayer is done, you must make Ablution. This is made by washing your hands 3 times, washing your mouth 3 times, washing your nose 3 times, washing your face 3 times, washing your arms 3 times, washing the hair 1 time, washing the ears and beard one time, then washing the feet 3 times (in this order). This is done to make sure your body is clean before praying to God. 

I've attached a link to a guide on how to perform Ablution:


The five pillars of Islam

3 Local Mosques in the Contra Costa County

I have attached 3 local Mosques in the Contra Costa County that you are welcome to visit. Anybody is welcome to visit. Etiquettes to consider when entering a Mosque would be to take off your shoes before entering and to have your phone on silent.

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