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Library Policies

Library Users' Rights and Responsibilities-- from DVC Student Code of Conduct

Library Users' Policies

To ensure that the DVC Library is a pleasant and productive environment for study and research for all users, please observe the following rights and responsibilities.

Users of the library have the right to:

  • A library environment free of disruptive activity
  • Confidential access to library materials
  • Library materials that are complete and not defaced
  • Quiet areas for individuals to study and engage in research

Users of the library may NOT:

  • Talk on cell phones in ALL AREAS of the library
  • Bring food into the library
  • Bring "hoverboards" or "mini-segways" into the library (fire hazard as of 1/14/2016)
  • Bring bicycles into the library
  • Sleep in the library
  • Cut, tear, or deface library materials
  • Remove library books, magazines, or other materials, or any library property without proper library check-out
  • Solicit in the library, i.e., asking people for money, to sign petitions, and so forth
  • Post or otherwise distribute flyers or materials in the library with out proper library permission

The Library will actively pursue disciplinary action and other legal action for the offenses listed above. Misuse of the library, whether by theft or mutilation of library materials, or by interference with the study and research activities of library users, shows disrespect for the rights of members of the college community. 

Persons who commit or attempt to commit offenses stated in the Diablo Valley College Library Users' Rights and Responsibilities policy or the DVC Student Code of Conduct, especially Section III, B, #11,

"Failure to comply with directions of the college officials acting in the performance of their duties"

may be asked to leave the library and may be subject to the sanctions of warning, fines, restitution, forfeiture of library use, suspension, expulsion and prosecution, and may be accountable to the College and to city, state, or federal authorities.