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Library Policies

Technology Loan Policies


Only Diablo Valley College (DVC) students who are registered for the current academic term are eligible to check out equipment from the Student Technology Loan Program. 


Students must complete the Technology Loan agreement in order to check out equipment. It is best done in advance of coming to the PH or SRC Libraries.   

Loan Periods

Equipment loan period is one semester. An electronic receipt will be sent to your DVC email indicating the return date.  

Identification Required

Valid Picture ID (DVC Student ID card, Driver’s License, etc.) is required to complete the equipment loan process. Students are required to present their identification to the staff at the time of equipment check out.

Check Out

Equipment is made available to students on a first-come, first-served basis. All Tech Loans are available for check out at the following locations:

Pleasant Hill Campus, Library, second floor, circulation desk.  

San Ramon Campus, Library Center Help Desk.

For current open hours please check the library website.

Only one of each type of equipment can be checked out to each student. 


Checked-out equipment can be extended for one additional academic term if a student registered for classes during the term. The equipment cannot be extended for more than one term at a time.


Equipment must be returned in the same condition as when it was checked out. Equipment not returned in the same condition and/or without power cords and cases, if provided, will be subject to the Damaged/Lost Equipment policy listed below.

All data, files, software, profiles, passwords, and other information saved on Chromebook will be erased upon return. The Library/College is not responsible for any loss of data.

Late Equipment

Reminder emails will automatically be sent to the student’s DVC email. If the equipment is not returned within two weeks, the equipment will be considered lost, and replacement costs and/or fines will be applied. A registration and transcript hold will be placed on the student’s account until the equipment is returned or fine is paid.

Damaged/Lost Equipment

Students will be held responsible for loss or damage to equipment while in their possession. Students borrowing equipment are required to immediately report damaged, lost, or stolen equipment items. 

Please inform Library staff as soon as possible by calling, 925-969-2610, or emailing In most cases, damaged or lost equipment will be processed as follows:

Chromebook - Replacement cost of $500 (lost or stolen)

Chromebook - Damage fee of $150 (cracked/damaged screen, etc.)

Graphing Calculators - Replacement cost of $150

Scientific Calculator - Replacement cost of $15

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot - Replacement cost of $100

Webcam - Replacement cost of $10

The program reserves the right to fully inspect equipment up to seven (7) business days after the date of return to assess charges for cleaning, replacement of missing parts, and/or repair of damaged equipment. The staff will communicate the charges due after the assessment.

The payments may be made in person at the cashier's office at Pleasant Hill campus or by calling the cashier’s office. 

For more information, please visit the DVC cashier's website.


Tech Loans are intended to be inclusive and accessible to all students. Please email or call 925-969-2610 for accommodation needs related to a disability or health condition required for loaned equipment. 

Requests can be responded to most effectively if received at least seven (7) business days in advance.

Disability Support Services provides additional services for students.